Greek jobseekers should be aware that knowing Norwegian is normally a basic requirement for finding work. Not knowing Norwegian will strongly limit your job options.

The DVD “Moving to Norway” gives a short introduction to considerations that must be made when applying for work and moving to Norway. The film is 15 minutes long and is divided into 11 chapters. Play: Moving to Norway? Know before you go  is a good source of information on job seeking in Norway.

To help you in your job search, we suggest you take a look at this fact sheet about job seeking in Norway made by NAV.
The Service Center for Foreign workers has a lot of useful information for foreigners looking for work in Norway. You can also read Brochure – career in Norway and Moving to Norway

Please note that Norway does not provide housing or other welfare services to EEA job-seekers who run out of resources while searching for employment.

Q: Do I need work and residence permits?

A: For EU/ΕΕΑ nationals: EU/EEA nationals do not need to apply for residence permit. Please see: Registration requirement for EU/EEA nationals.
A: For non-EU/EEA nationals, please see Work and Residence.  Please note that a work and residence permit issued by an E.U. State, does not in itself constitute automatically a work and residence permit for Norway. You may register your application for a visa and a residence permit to Norway online, using the Norwegian Visa and Residence Permit Portal.

Q: Where can I find job vacancies?

A: Many job vacancies published in Norway can be found in the NAV job database. Most of the vacancies are written in Norwegian, but you can find a number of job vacancies in English. Vacancies can also be found on
EURES Job Mobility Portal.
Here you can also register your CV for Norwegian employers. To contact EURES Norway, send an e-mail to:
FINN.NO – A popular Norwegian work portal – Search for different vacancies by keywords, job title, categories or company name.
Adecco – Job recruitment and employment agency – Search for different vacancies by keywords, job title, categories or company name. News and articles about working and living in Norway – articles on jobs and career – usefuls links to employment agencies
Manpower – A recruitment company – Starting a business in Norway.

For health personnel recruitment:
Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel
Medical Journal
Nurse Journal

Q: How do I open a Norwegian bank account?

A: There are several banks to choose from when opening a bank account.  Please contact a Norwegian bank directly.

Q: Where can I learn Norwegian?

A: For a list of where you can learn Norwegian in Greece please click here. There is also the possibility to learn Norwegian online f.ex Norwegian on the Web by NTNU or , or in Norway.

Q: Is my Greek diploma from an education institution valid in Norway?

A: Information about recognition of higher education from abroad is available from Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (Nokut).

Q: Will I be a member of the National Insurance Scheme (folketrygd)?

A: When you come from an EEA-country to work in Norway, you become a compulsory member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme from the first day unless you have been posted from your home country as an employee. If you have been posted as an employee from another EEA-country, you must present form E101 as documentation. When posted inNorway, you are not entitled to benefits from NAV, but you are entitled to health services for your home country’s account. For further information see NAV.

Q: I would like to specialize as a doctor/dentist in Norway. How do I find information ?

A: The Norwegian Medical Association is responsible for the specializing program for doctors. Visit their website: The Norwegian Medical Association, or contact them at: P.O.Box 1152 Sentrum, N-0107 Oslo. Tel: 0047-23109000,
fax: 0047-23109010. E-mail:

The Norwegian Dentist Association is responsible for the specializing program for dentists. Visit their website The Norwegian Dentist Assocation, or contact them at: P.O.Box 3063 Elisenberg, 0207 Oslo. Tel: 0047-22547400,
fax: 0047-22551109. E-mail:
Recruitment:  Dentist Journal

Q: Who requires authorisation or accreditation for working in Norway?

A: -Applications for authorisation to work in the health sector must be submitted to the national authorisation office for health sector personnel (Statens autorisasjonskontor for helsepersonell -SAK)
The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet)  is responsible for accrediting accountants, state-authorised estate agents, debt collection agencies and for authorisation of book-keepers)
The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet)  authorises veterinary surgeons and marine biologists.
The Supervisory Council for Legal Practice (Tilsynsrådet for advokatvirksomhet)  is responsible for approving lawyers.
The Norwegian Maritime Directorate (Sjøfartsdirektoratet)  authorises a number of professional positions in the maritime sector.
The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority (Luftfartstilsynet)  is responsible for accrediting pilots and aircraft technicians.