Do you want to learn Norwegian? The following centres of study are established in Greece.

  • Xini, Thessaloniki

    Egnatia 116, 54622 Thessaloniki
    Tel: 00 30 2310 22 5717

Private lessons in Norwegian

  • Inger Haaland Karayannopoulos, tel: 210 65 37 179. E-post:
  • Liv Nilsen Garras, tel: 210 65 12 051

Metochi Study Centre in Lesbos

Metochi Study Centre  is situated in Lesbos at the old monastery of Limonos. It is run by the Agder University College.

Metochi Study Centre aims to contribute to the expansion of academical insights and human understanding, through courses, conferences, seminars and studies.

Priority will be given to subjects such as religion, philosophy, ethics, history, human rights, culture studies, ecology and other fields associated with the Mediterranean area.

The centre is used by students from the Agder University College and close partners, but the centre can also be rented out to others, when their activities at Metochi are in accordance with the purpose and priorities of the centre.